Sales experts in the beauty field

At Marketsales we create business by offering made-to-measure solutions in cosmetics and personal care products.

What we do

Since the early nineties we have been gaining knowledge and expertise on how to develop and introduce products and brands to the European market. Today, we are a full-service company specialized in business development and distribution of cosmetic & personal care products for both brands and private label.


Every brand and every product requires a specific strategy in order to successfully enter the European market. That is why we offer made-to-measure solutions to make sure your brand gets the attention it needs -and deserves- from the right people at the right time. Our full-service solutions include (but are not limited to):

  • Business development: account management.
  • Marketing & sales: we help you put together a marketing and sales strategy that fits the requirements of your brand.
  • Brand management: we create a buzz around your brand.
  • Warehousing & distribution: we help you manage the logistical side.

Private label

We develop and produce private label products that add value for our retail partners. What we can do for you:

  • Market & trends: we are up to date with all the latest trends.
  • Product development: products are developed for both brands and private label. We can also provide artwork and labelling support.
  • Production: all of our products are produced by one of our carefully selected high quality production partners.
  • High quality: every country and client has got his own quality requirements, which we are happy and qualified to fulfill.
  • Warehousing & distribution: products are shipped by air, road or sea. Warehousing is possible if required.
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