Martin van Gulik

Matchmaker for retail businesses

Marketsales gets you a seat at decision-making tables

Finding suitable retail businesses for your product is easy. Convincing them to actually place your product on their shelves is something else. Without a proper introduction you’re just another person knocking on their door, wanting a piece of their action. My experience and connections will make it easier to get you a seat at the table with people who will listen and who can help your business move forward.

In order to convincingly convey your story, you need to understand the culture of both the company and the country and speak the language. What drives them? Truly understanding people and their businesses requires specific skills, valuable contacts and experience. It’s what I have been doing for the past thirty years.

In 1995 I started out as an entrepreneur and I have been developing myself as a retail expert eversince. First as a distributor, then also as commercial director of my own production company in France. I have been an international business developer for a large group of companies in the health and beauty industry for over twenty years. My little black book with valuable names and numbers keeps getting thicker every day. I have reached a point in my career where I want to put my know-how and contacts to work, bringing your product and proposals to the attention of decision-makers who can put your ideas to work.

Born to run

Marketsales has entrances to:

Marketsales means business

This is how it works.

1. Introduction
Our first meeting is to see whether we match. Not just as people, but also in terms of affinity with the product. If so, we start mapping out the usp's and feasibility of your product and proposal.
2. Store check
Once we have reached the same level of enthusiasm, our journey begins. We check out your preferred stores. How would your product look on their shelf? Who are your main competitors and what’s their approach?
3. Agreements
This third stage is about shaping and fine-tuning our collaboration. What is our end goal? Do you need me purely as a matchmaker or can I support you in other aspects as well?
4. Game on!
Let’s get this show on the road! Together we make a convincing and distinctive presentation. I start making calls to the right people to arrange your entrance at your prefered stores. Can you already see your product on their shelves?

You’re in good company.

Let’s put your idea to work!

Tell me your story and I will be in touch.

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